1. A 100% reduction in risk to exposure to the Covid 19 virus as there is no traveling involved or contact with hospital staff or patients.
  2. No exposure to the frustrations and risk of sitting in trafic to reach the doctor’s office.
  3. Time taken up on consulting the specialist will be about 15-20 minutes compared to possibly 1- 3 hours(traveling there and back,parking,screening at health facilities,completion of forms etc.
  4. A saving of about 75% in costs to you(no petrol money,no parking money,reduced consultation fee)
  5. Personal and undivided,focussed attention from the specialist during the consultation.
  6. Hassle free admin as forms are completed online at your own time at home.

Do you suffer ear, nose and throat problems.

Dr. Troost is a ENT specialist in medical and surgical management of ear, nose and throat problems. He also focuses on problems with snoring and sleep apnea